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Registered Charity & Company Address:

Alderley View,
Sugar Lane,
SK10 5SL

Company No : 04572319

Using local government recommendations, the charity combines elements of Local Development Trusts and Community Interest Companies and aims to be a true “third sector” supporter and partner to Bollington’s companies, residents and council.

BIT projects

The key aspects of BIT’s work are:

  • the redevelopment of derelict or redundant buildings for uses that benefit the community;
  • the protection and management of open spaces, woodlands and watercourses; and
  • the creation and management recreational and leisure facilities for the local population.


To back up these targets, it also aims to:

  • provide training and education within the town;
  • promote the town to assist with its economic development, including tourism;
  • publish educational and promotional materials

Its portfolio of work includes Turner’s Lodge on Shrigley Road and Tinkers Clough. It is currently working on the Water Street Centre, which it currently aims to develop as a family centre.