Bollington is a small and attractive former cotton mill town which has undergone significant regeneration and re-development but retains a stone built character at its core and has three conservation areas. It is located adjacent to the Peak District National Park some three miles from Macclesfield. Bollington is renowned for its community activity.

Land and property values are very high and safeguarding and securing property and open space for community uses and benefits is becoming increasingly difficult. There are a number of buildings and areas of land in Bollington which could be developed, enhanced or protected for a range of community benefits. Using a locally based trust mechanism and working with the statutory authorities will help to achieve real benefits for the community.


The Bollington Initiative Trust has been launched with the following objectives:

  • To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the town and its surrounding countryside


  • To assist in the development of facilities and services that benefit the population of the town, the quality of life of the inhabitants and its economic development


  • To advance the education of the public in heritage and environmental matters, for both local residents and visitors


In achieving its stated objectives the trust will:

  • Work closely with Bollington Town Council, the local authorities and relevant voluntary organisations


  • Own or manage important land and buildings for the benefit of the local community


  • Renovate and regenerate appropriate land and buildings in the Bollington area


  • Lease appropriate land and buildings to other organisations where this furthers the objectives of the trust and of those organisations


  • Make funding applications and receive income from all sources relevant to the work of the trust


  • Encourage partnerships between public, private and voluntary organisations, to advance projects in the town


  • Publicise the work of the trust, produce education and interpretation materials and encourage public access to land and buildings where appropriate


BIT will work closely in partnership with Bollington Town Council and voluntary organisations and groups in the town, offering assistance to them where appropriate and helping them to achieve new developments if required.

The Management of the Trust

Bollington Initiative Trust is managed by a management group of trustees and others, all of whom live in the town or its immediate surroundings. They are:


Will Spinks (Chairman) – the Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the University of Manchester, formerly with Loughborough University and AstraZeneca.

David Haddleton (Secretary) – a retired bank officer and training manager. David is a trustee of a national charity that protects historic paddle steamers and has also been Secretary of Bollington Civic Society (2005-2012).

Graham Barrow – a heritage and environmental consultant. Graham was formerly Director of the National Centre for Environmental Interpretation based at Manchester Metropolitan University and has worked for the Countryside Commission for Scotland earlier in his career.

Geoff Claughton – a qualified independent accountant based in Bollington.

Kate Gooding OBE – a retired early years education inspector /adviser.

Lester Humphreys – a retired Chartered Surveyor. Lester is also joint chair of the KRIV volunteers and is chair of Home-Start East Cheshire.

Mick Wilkins – a Trustee for Bollington Arts Centre, Mick has worked in general management and HR for over 30 years.

The trustees are also assisted on the Management Group by:

Margaret Park – a former school teacher.

Peter Skinner – an architect with 30 years of experience in construction who seeks to combine careful conservation of the earth’s resources with a knowledgeable respect for our heritage.